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Stargate SG-1 Seasons 1-10 DVD Box Set

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Stargate SG-1 Seasons 1-10 DVD Box Set

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Stargate SG-1 resumes the plot of the original feature film and follows the present-day adventures of SG-1, a military team from Earth. SG-1 and two dozen other SG teams venture to distant planets using a fictional alien portal known as a Stargate, which in the series is housed in a top-secret United States Air Force military base known as Stargate Command (SGC) underneath Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In the first eight seasons, the mission of the SG teams is to explore the galaxy and search for alien technology and allies to defend Earth against the Goa'uld, a snake-like parasitic alien race that takes humans as unwilling hosts. As explained in the series' backstory, the Goa'uld transported human slaves from Earth to other habitable planets across the galaxy thousands of years ago and now pose as gods of Ancient Earth mythologies, particularly Egyptian mythology. SG-1 eventually learns that highly evolved human-like beings, known as the Ancients, had originally built the Stargate network millions of years earlier, before they used their extraordinary powers to Ascend to a higher plane of existence, after which they pledged to not interfere in the lives of other species. The Ori, who belong to the same race of ascended beings as the Ancients but who use their powers to subjugate other species, forcing them to worship the Ori and to believe a doctrine of religious fundamentalism, assume the role of the main antagonists in seasons 9 and 10

Additional Information

Region Region Free
Language English
Boxed Set Yes
Discs 54 pcs
Condition New
Format Support both PAL & NTSC
Genre Sci-Fi/Fantasy
NO. of Seasons 1-10
Release date 2007
Creator Brad Wright,Jonathan Glassner
Starring Richard Dean Anderson,Michael Shanks,Amanda Tapping

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