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E-Check payment instructions:


Pay Directly by your Checking Account. If you have a U.S. or Canada bank checking account, you can pay online for purchase placed on our website without physical check.

In order to use "E-Check" as a payment option, you need to follow the instructions below:

1. Enter the 9-digit Routing Number (i.e. the ABA code)

2. Enter U.S or Canada bank check account number


4:Select your DRIVERS STATE

You can find Routing Number check account number on your checkbook.


 echeck to pay

Please ensure that the account have enough funds.

Why pay by E-check?

The credit card payment cost is too high for customer because of the 1-2%exchange fee and 3% international transaction fee. You can use echeck secure checking account payment no fee .The echeck will clear in 1-2 business days.


Is it safe to pay online by my checking account?

Yes, it's basically the same as you writing a check and mailing it. While, it combines computerized convenience with security and privacy that improves on paper cash.All the information is entered in a secured environment and encrypted when submitted. We do not store your account number or bank information in our system. All our transactions are secured by transmitting the data over an encrypted virtual terminal page or an encrypted API to our gateway system. We follow the standard security policies as outlined by the PCI-DSS compliance authority.


What happens if I need to return an item or cancel an order?

Whenever you need to return an item, contact us. We will issue a refund to the payment method used for the order--if you use your checking account to pay for the order, the refund would be processed to your checking account.