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Kate Walsh Confesses Secret Airplane Habit

What does a sexy surgeon do when she's out of work? Travel.

After spending six years playing Dr. Addison Montgomery on "Private Practice," Kate Walsh has decided to spend a little time on the road. Since the show wrapped in late January, she has been traveling everywhere from Belize to Anguilla to Washington, D.C.


"I just feel really compelled, particularly because I wrapped the series. Now I am like, 'I wanna travel everywhere I possibly can before I go back to work,'" the 45-year-old actress told omg! in an exclusive interview.

Read on to find out more about her recent adventures as well as what she secretly likes to do on airplanes. Hint: It has nothing to do with the mile-high club!

What's better: traveling when you were young or traveling now as an adult?

Travel is great at any age. I really thank my parents for that. When we were kids, we'd go up and down the California coast, camping on beaches. It instilled this wanderlust in me. When I was 10 years old I went with my grandparents and we drove across the country in their Maverick and we stayed at Motel 6s along the way. "Motel 6 is always clean," my grandmother would say. We went from San Jose to Seattle to the Space Needle and across the country from Yellowstone to Old Faithful to Niagara Falls.

What trips are you taking this year?

I think I am going to go to Vienna to participate in this festival put on by the Hollywood Foreign Press. From there I am either going to Venice or my makeup artist, Sergio Lopez Rivera, is from Spain and there is a festival there called the April Fair, which is a flamenco dancing festival in Seville.


Do you have any travel pet peeves?

No. Although, I think it is innately weird to sit next to strangers for long periods of time. I used to be one of those people who was like, "Don't ever talk to me on a plane." Lately though, I've sat next to some pretty interesting people, so that's actually worked out for me.

But you'd rather just relax on a flight.899b4a39-1ad4-4532-95a8-1a265b5a6166_300_KateWalsh_041813 (1)

I enjoy flights where I can just relax and not interact. I'll tell you something that always happens to me. On flights, I usually cry when I am up in the air. I am not kidding.

Are you afraid of flying?

I get hugely emotional. I don't know if it is the cabin pressure or if it's the one time that I slow down, look out the window, and contemplate life at 40,000 feet … inevitably there will be tears. I get very existential and always have a good cry on [long flights]. So if you see me on a plane crying, don't take it personally and I am really OK.


Do you plan most of your vacations yourself?

I am very hands on. I have an idea of where I want to go and then I'll talk to other people who've been there and a travel agent. As much as I enjoy a gorgeous, sumptuous, 5-star hotel, I love a boutique, family-run hotel. There is a special sort of feeling, ambience, and je ne sais quoi at a family-run place.

You like to get off the beaten path a bit then?

Yeah, I do.


What's one stamp in your passport you'd love to have?

I am pretty obsessed with going east to India and Thailand. Then I want to go to Patagonia and Cuba.

So would you say you're outdoorsy?

Well, because I work with Oceana, I am in the water snorkeling and swimming and I like to explore. I would say I am a little bit of an adventurer. So, yes!

What's one thing that is always in your suitcase?

There's a pair of Havianas with me everywhere I go. Also, I always travel with a pair of leopard pajamas. I would encourage others to do so, too. You just feel sassy. A little leopard goes a long way.

What are your travel beauty essentials?

If I must say, my mini eau du parfum of Boyfriend or the hand cream, because they are all plane-sized. You can take them with you wherever you go.


Walsh checks out the slopes of Heavenly in Lake Tahoe.

You take a lot of Instagram photos. Do you take a lot of pictures on trips?

I am so lame when it comes to taking pictures on trips. I have never been a picture taker and I rely on those around me to take pictures. My boyfriend is better than me.

What's the best way to travel: planes, trains or automobiles?

My favorite way to travel is by train because you're going a little slower than 500 mph in the air. You can look out the window, read, contemplate life, and have the experience of moving through time and space. I also like a good old-fashioned road trip. Just getting in the car and driving!


When you're travels are done, are you headed back to TV?

I have some stuff in the hopper… some shorter comedic stuff and then hopefully a new television show. It's going to be a big departure from what I have been doing and I am really looking forward to it.