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A Thousand Words...Good Movie Tells Everything

临终千言 A Thousand Words 英文影评 review by ROGER EBERT
The poster art for "A Thousand Words" shows Eddie Murphy with duct tape more than his mouth, which as a promotional idea ranks right up there with Fred Astaire in leg irons. The idea is that every time he says a word a leaf falls off the magical bodhi tree in his back yard, and when the last leaf falls, he dies.

Let's cease suitable there. Why did the bodhi tree magically spring out from the earth fully grown? I never know. It have to have a thing to perform using a guru whose book he is trying to sell. Murphy plays Jack McCall, a literary agent who never reads books, and possibly that is karmic revenge. How is it determined that the tree started with 1,000 leaves? I dunno. It appears healthy to start with, and also the typical bodhi tree has about 100,000 leaves. How do I realize that? I don't, however it seems likely.

Jack is usually a motor mouth showboat who lives with his wife Caroline (Kerry Washington) and their son inside a vast glass-walled bachelor's pad. I guess she's his wife. They have precisely the same last name in the movie's credits, though at 1 point she indicates they are not married. It does not make the slightest difference to the film.

Jack's most meaningful partnership is with Aaron Wiseberger (Clark Duke), his nerdish assistant. It is Aaron who tapes his mouth shut to save his life when he's down to a couple of hundred words. Some words he squanders on his mobile phone, and even extra get made use of up for the duration of visits with his mother Annie (Ruby Dee), who has Alzheimer's and thinks he's his own father. You know with a dreadful certainty that sooner or later she will recognize him, and this will likely be intended as an uplifting turning point.

What "A Thousand Words" requirements is some sort of a mystical score card to keep track of Jack's status in the universe. The guru who wrote the book, Dr. Sinja (Cliff Curtis), apparently knows something about this bodhi tree, but never ever explains the guidelines. When Jack ultimately apparently redeems himself, it appears to become by instinct or great luck. I say "apparently" since, as heaven's my witness, I'm not totally confident if Jack is alive, dead or reincarnated at the end of the film. You may make a case for all three.

The operating gag is that Jack has to communicate without the need of speaking, or talk himself to death. At one particular point this struggle is performed by using many dozen speaking dolls and action figures that are conveniently scattered around the literary agency. Jack also does desperate pantomimes and gets so frustrated he appears able to explode. I'm thinking, what I'd try is writing notes. But no, when he tries that the leaves drop off anyway.

I understand from Wikipedia that "A Thousand Words" was originally filmed in 2008. It was scheduled at 1 point to open in 2011, but was rescheduled until after the Oscars to reap the benefits of Murphy becoming named named to host the ceremony. That did not function out, either.